Friendship Relationships

The birth of friendship

In the blink of an eye, at the speed of a smile
A new friendship can be formed
Judgments on the value of this new world
established as a new bond is born
The intrigue of newness shines a spotlight on trust
As we lay ourselves bare down to souls
Discovering a feeling of belonging within
Unsearched for but now making a whole
A connections of minds, a brain full of lust
Mired in the fog of what ifs
No measure of time as the night evaporates
Present only as sunlight forgives
Imagine if those paths had never crossed
Sorrows and regret never came
A journey that began that one special night
A blank page that never became
The story of us as friends that we are
Evolving as only thoughts do
Fulfilling a history the future will know
Of friendship birthed to be true