The fear has always been
To scream silence
No one to hear you
To even know you need help
You always thought
If they could just hear you
Somebody would be there
Somebody would come
Somebody would help
But you open your mouth
And you scream
You pour out your soul
Begging to be heard
And the sound in your head
Is lost in the void
The emptiness that surrounds
Separating you from anyone
So they see you
But no one hears the scream
They see you struggle
Think it’s a dance
They see you alone
Think it’s by choice
They see you running
Running for your life
And think you are merely
Singing along, talking out loud
They don’t see the fear
Fear that fills your eyes
The terror filling your soul
The sadness rending your heart
They can’t feel the sorrow
Emptying your chest
The tightness of your breath
The pain throughout your body
They can’t hear the panic
As you realize that you’re lost
You’ve run as far as you can
You ran from fear into nothing
Collapsing from exhaustion
Falling into a heap
As an invisible cloud catches up
Fueled by the screams
That no one heard
Filled with demons
From your past
You stare into eyes
Eyes that have no soul
Looking around for help
You see someone
But they are crumpled
Same as you
Staring at their own cloud
Which you can’t see
But you know from their fear
Is hovering, towering
You see their mouth
Trying to form words
But they are whispers
Not meant to be heard
They have given up
They expect to go
Your eyes meet
And one last time
You scream

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