Is there a right way to love?
Or is all love just wrong?
Are we destined to hurt another?
Was it even love all along?
Should you give your all?
Do you place love at the top?
When love is fading, do you warn?
Or do you just come to a stop?
Is it worth it to fight for?
Should you just turn your back?
Is love alone to be enough?
Do you look elsewhere for what you lack?
Should you try and compete?
Must it be win or lose?
Do you say what you mean?
Is it a partner you choose?
Must it stick to a plan?
Should it be the same in return?
Will you hold out your hand?
Would you wait for your turn?
Can the words all be gone?
Is there more you can say?
Are we really in love?
Or did love go away?

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