I hate it

I hate the way you made me feel
Less than I knew I was worth
A toy to simply pass your time
To take what you put forth

I hate the way you used my words
Tore down my strong esteem
A child to merely bear the brunt
Of your anger at losing your dream

I hate the way you turned your back
Enemies without even a war
A stranger with no part of your heart
Alone, left to love from afar

I hate the way you chose to forget
The hurt and pain left behind
A figment of some broken past
Trivial to your state of mind

I hate the way you made an excuse
Just words with no real sorrow
A symptom with no real fault
Practices you saw fit to borrow

I hate the way you have changed
Becoming even more of a man
A familiar friend I once told goodbye
Saying hello with a kiss to the hand

I hate the way you make me feel
Welcome back into your life
A fresh start to a friendship
Cuts through my heart like a knife

I hate the way I can’t hate you
The same way I used to love
A feeling confused with memory
I hate the very idea of…

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