I loved you once
You broke my heart
But it turned out
You were playing a part
Unknown to you
or me at the time
Following the path of
your subconscious mind
For years I hoped
You’d share your life
I left that door open
And kept you in sight
The silence instead
Cut to my soul
Till I accepted
My heart with a hole
But now you are here
Knocking on that door
I have to wonder
just what’s in store
I look at this face
Across from me
The man I once loved
is the person I see
A friend that I lost
To himself long ago
Is now reaching out
To say “Let’s go slow”
I’m trying to start over
To just find a way
But I don’t know how
or what to say
So bear with me now
As I think all this through
And separate memories
from the idea of you

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  1. Melissa

    Bwoy B this one’s so deep.Do you let them in, do you tell them thanks but no thanks, do you even acknowledge them…

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