Once upon a time…

There are so many things that I thought would be,
I’ve since had to realize I may never see.
Like fairytale romance, and love at first sight –
Ideas that have faded like dreams in the night

Now that I’m older, I’ve tried to move on,
Accepting life’s twists as they come along.
Replacing ideals of that perfect love.
With imperfect reality I can be sure of.

A prince on a horse, now a friend’s tag-along.
A musical soundtrack for a warbling song.
The armour I’ll trade for the soft cotton shirt.
Distant courtship becomes online flirt.

No fights for my honour but stand at my side.
Don’t give me a kingdom just bring something fried.
The slaying of dragons can be just a joke,
So long as my heart does not end up broke.

Moonlight serenades, between you and me,
Can be overthrown by watching TV.
The simple things can sweep me off my feet.
Just make sure you can rock to a beat.

The flowery prose and poems of yore
Have all gone the way of the stories before.
The magic and mystery of fairytale hearts
Cannot replace the everyday parts.

Riding off into sunset was always the end.
My happily ever after should be my best friend.
The kiss on the hand can move, that’s for sure.
Falling asleep in your arms is worth so much more.

So give me the scrabble and breakfast in bed,
The blogging, and photos, and rubs to the head.
The fighting and crying are part of it too,
Because stories are stories, but this is all true.

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