Opposing views

Together they rise each morning
Inextricably joined as one
Shaking off the images of night
They seek to start the day anew

Different they are one from the next
One rational, one emotional
Yet their futures are intertwined
Each essential to the other

Today the past is behind us
Time to move on says one
The other replies it’s too hard
Too many good memories

Each desires to follow its nature
Only to hurt the other
And so the battle continues
A conflict of mind and heart

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Comments 3

  1. Rae

    Tuff B. This I definitely like.

    btw, ur an honest girl about ur feelings man… I had to laugh when I saw your little blue man on the right

  2. Adrian

    The poem is great, an interesting way to veiw the relationship between mind and heart.

    As for what’s below the post… ummm… well… I’ll be home later… :roll::mrgreen::grin::lol:

  3. bianca

    Thanks guys! As for my honesty, sometimes you have to say it as it is, Rae. And Adrian, well, I will reserve my response for now. 😀

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