If these walls could talk…

A million teardrops
Washing away pains
Too hard to bear
With a smile

A thousand laughs
Echoing the joys
Of life and love
Passing of time

A hundred hugs
Comfort and support
From loving arms
And caring hearts

Dozens of kisses
Bonding one to another
An intimate lock
Of two souls

A handful of loves
Brief flashes of emotion
Each one unique
And still dear

Just one heart
Surviving the world
Alone in its love
Within these walls

– Done for Poetry Thursday

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  1. Jon

    I love the way that as the images grow more powerful, the quantity steadily decreases. I’m not entirely sure what “these walls” are (that the heart is in), but I can see how the walls of the “one heart” are big enough to contain all that came before: the handful of loves all the way up to millions of tears.

    Thanks for sharing this with us.

  2. bianca

    Thanks for the comments everyone. The walls in question were of two kinds, the physical ones of my home(s) over the years, and the emotional ones of my heart.

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