A door

There’s a door
With a lock;
Only one holds the key

A door
To a place
Far deep within me

This door
In a wall
Is the only way in

The door
Blocks the way
But for one with the will

Face the door –
Move towards
Secrets that lie deep inside

Through the door,
Lies my heart
With nothing left to hide

But a door
Needs a push
If you want to see through

Past a door.
Simple steps
For someone, is it you?

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  1. melissa

    Nice to see you are continuing to give directions to guide persons to your heart. Personally I do get a kick on occasion out of changing the locks around or shifting the wall, frame and door :mrgreen: Only do it to close friends though who know where the spares are kept.

  2. madd

    very nice..I loved its simplicity and the way it lead to the most important question of all…thanks for sharing and giving us a peek behind the door..m

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