Wishlist: Part I (Perhaps too much to ask?)

Young enough to have fun with life
Old enough to know better
Obsessive enough to have passions
Moderate enough to make room for others

Open enough to hear other views
Closed enough to have own opinions
Wise enough to have lots of answers
Foolish enough to still have questions

Strong enough to be my rock
Weak enough to lean on me
Imaginative enough to dream
Grounded enough to keep it real

Different enough to keep it interesting
Similar enough to keep us close
Smart enough to converse deeply
Stupid enough to act silly

Accepting enough of the reality today
Opposing enough to help create change
Hard enough to withstand troubles
Soft enough to feel the pain

Vocal enough to fill space with words
Quiet enough to enjoy the silence
Assured enough to believe in himself
Humble enough to need someone else

Independent enough to have own life
Bound enough to want to share
Sentimental enough to relish memories
Foresighted enough to see a future

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  1. bianca

    Thanks, Rae (and Aaadriiiaaan and Meli-Boo). Looking back now I have to say this was one of my more challenging pieces to write but also most fun.

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