My land

This is what we value, held dear to our hearts
Or is it more yellow, for the cowardly way we live
We don’t know what it truly means to be rich

Our souls are stained through our envy
Where’s mine? We declare as we take our right
We don’t recognize what we already have

Such are the thoughts and hearts of some of ours
Who have lost their way or never found it
It seems they have forgotten how to love

and yet…

This is the sunshine, the rays that light our isle
Greeting us all year, we are smiled on from above
Blessed are we that we should be this rich

The towering hills still covered in trees
Fields of goodness from which we can feast
Truly this is an amazing gift that we have

For our people whose skin comes in all shades
The strength that has brought us this far
This will always be the land that I love

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