A mini love story…

Boy sees girl.
Boy notices girl’s eyes.
Boy thinks no more about girl.
Girl turns up again.
Girl sees boy.
Girl notices boy’s smile.
Boy meets girl.
Boy and girl click.
Boy and girl talk all night.
Girl and boy smile all night.
Girl and boy say farewell.
Girl leaves boy.
Boy thinks of girl.
Girl thinks of boy.
Boy searches for girl.
Boy writes girl.
Girl smiles.
Boy and girl talk.
Boy and girl share.
Boy and girl become friends.
Girl and boy draw closer.
Girl turns up again.
Girl and boy keep talking.
Boy and girl kiss.
Boy and girl hearts stop.
Boy and girl happy.

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  1. Bashment

    We never send you go T&T to find man!! Try no bada wid dat!! Poor Heeltun will be all broken up.

  2. Adrian

    Lol! Very cute happy story. But it’s the heart stopping part that worries me. Don’t make an attraction stop your heart, cuz then you wont live to enjoy it!

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